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Project Description

Visual Studio Style PropertyGrid for Silverlight 5.
  • Built against the Silverlight 5.0
  • Component Model
    • Includes a complete Type Descriptor implementation
    • Component Model Attributes (like password and parenthesis)
    • Type Converters
  • UI enhancements
    • Keyboard navigation and shortcuts
    • Collection Editors
    • Multiline String Editor
    • Many more editors included
  • TODO: Finish documentation

Project review

We were looking for a VS Style Property Grid and came across the SLPropertyGrid from Denis Vuyka Original Article which was perfect, but didn't like the standard SL Layout, so this is a result of our UI modifications. It no longer uses DataTemplates but custom ContentControls making it easy to customize and taylor to suite anyone's needs.

New Look

Search Bar and Sorting

Collection Editor

Color Editor

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